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We treat every Golf Course different, because they are.

Our Approach

Soil Testing from the #1 rated independent and un-biased  laboratory. 
Ag Source Harris Laboratories has consistently been rated #1 by outside proficiency testing programs. 


Accurate interpretation of test results assures you that all recommendations are based on solid science.  We adjust our seasonal core programs to specifically meet your turfs requirements for optimum health and eliminate any products that are not necessary.  One program does not fit all.


Quality Products at Competitive prices: there are many products available on the market today but when you factor in the latest technology, quality of the ingredients, performance results and  cost, Foliar Pak products rank among the best.  And, it's not just about having the best products, it is equally as important to have an understanding and knowledge of how the products work to know how and when to apply them properly for maximum results and savings for the Golf Course Supertintendent.


  • Routine Visits, Weekly or Bi-Weekly

  • Soil & Nematode Testing

  • Custom Programs

  • Programs to fit all budgets


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Contact us to learn more or to get a quote.

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