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Our Products

  • Premium Foliar Fertilizers

  • Organic Greens Grade Granulars

  • Custom Bulk Granulars

  • Custom Bulk Liquid Fertilizer

  • Turf & Water Restoration Products

  • Adjuvants & Dyes

  • Tines, Bedknives & Mower Blades

  • Spray Nozzles & Flood Jets

  • Turf Tools

  • Precision Mower Gauges

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Our Services

Offering Quality Products & Service that exceed our customer’s expectations.

1) Soil Testing from the #1 rated independent and un-biased laboratory. Ag Source Harris Laboratories is the oldest, most experienced and first to be accredited for soil testing. We test with the best!


2) Accurate interpretation of test results assures you that all recommendations are based on solid science. We also provide you with a History of your soil sample results because we WANT you to see how the soil has changed.


3) Custom Program based on your soil test results. Our seasonal core programs are adjusted, per your soil sample results with a Custom Program that targets the needs for your turf.


4) Quality Products that Perform! The product aresenal of ENP truly does allow for selecting the right products to produce consistent quality turf.


5) Routine Visits, Bi-Weekly or Weekly assures we're there when you need us!


6) Nematode Testing is the only way to positively identify the type and extent of a suspected nematode problem is by soil sampling and a laboratory assay.


7) Tissue Testing is also available.


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